The Meeting of Failures

The Meeting of Failures, Act I, London is the first part of a projected trilogy engaging with extended adolescence, misdirected ambition, authenticity, hipster politics and the politics of hipsters. It follows the narrator Francis as he seeks to escape the nihilistic bubble of contemporary East London by winning over the enigmatic Savannah Palace.

The book is interpreted and illustrated by emerging photographers from London, most notably Rasha Kahil. The printing was done using a Risograph, and the book is section-stitched with hand-foiling on the six-page cover. It was collectively written under the name Francis and published by Everyone Agrees.

Francis is a micro-collective unto himself. He appropriates liberally from Jacques Rancière, Slutever, Iain Sinclair, Michèle Bernstein and lots of people he can’t recall. He is currently based in London and New York.

Everyone Agrees was created in London in the winter of 2009. The Meeting of Failures is their first project and encapsulates a combination of will, utter pointlessness, and an all-pervasive sense of repetition that they recognised in the air and found attractive. The Meeting of Failures, Act II will be out in Winter 2011 and Act III will follow in Spring 2012. Act I can be purchased on their website.